House Rules

Effective as of June 27, 2022 and subject to update without further notice.

Faint.ly seeks to cultivate genuine, creative, and healthy interactions by inviting users to post meaningful content subject to the House Rules below and our Terms of Service. However, we cannot inspect, moderate, or warrant content posted on our platform. We are not a “publisher” or “speaker” of information within the meaning of the law, nor do we endorse, promote, or encourage any specific content posted by any third-parties.

Content posted on Faint.ly does not necessarily reflect or comport with the views, opinions, positions, or beliefs of Faint.ly, our employees, company officers, sponsors, or affiliates.

Please report any violations or concerns via email to hello@faint.ly with an identifiable subject line.

With that in mind, here are ten rules to observe on Faint.ly for the enjoyment and safety of our community:

(1) No nudity, pornography, violence, or obscene material. Implied nudity (with suitable covering or object placement) is permitted only when it is artistic, tasteful, non-sexualized, and non-gratuitous. Do not post or transmit sexually explicit or gratuitous material—publicly or in private messages. Also, depictions of animal cruelty or abuse—explicit or implied—are not allowed.

(2) No political speech. Faint.ly is a refuge from the traumas and toils of daily life. Keep your content inspired, creative, and visual (i.e., text free).

(3) No copyright or intellectual property theft. Faint.ly endeavors to foster original content and fresh ideas; stealing the work of others is not just in bad taste—it’s also illegal. Please submit suspected copyright, trademark, and other intellectual property violations to our content management team at hello@faint.ly with an identifiable subject line.

(4) Do not promote illegal goods or services or fraudulent schemes or organizations. Faint.ly is a creative outlet, not a marketplace. Because of complicated anti-money laundering laws and for the protection of our community, fundraising or the transmission or receipt of funds is not permitted on Faint.ly without the explicit approval of our management team.

(5) Do not post material encouraging or suggesting others to harm themselves or to engage in risky behavior or self-harm.

(6) Treat others with respect, kindness, and dignity. Do not intimidate or harass others. Do not transmit sexually suggestive material or solicitations.

(7) Be yourself. Do not impersonate other people, companies, or brands.

(8) Do not attempt to engage in phishing or the fraudulent soliciting, collection, or transmission of users’ private information.

(9) Faint.ly is for creatives, artists, and visionaries. It is not a news, finance, or political commentary forum. Please self-moderate your content by posting only inspirational, beautiful, and meaningful imagery.

(10) Exercise wisdom and discretion in posting. Be generous in spirit.

Faint.ly reserves the right to take corrective action, up to and including the permanent banning and/or closure of accounts, at its sole discretion at any time and without notice to enforce our House Rules and Terms of Service or to comply with any relevant laws or court orders. Users are not entitled to compensation or remuneration in any form upon account closure, technical difficultly, or termination or closure of our services.

Our services are provided without warranty or guarantee, and all warranties of any kind are explicitly disclaimed to the fullest extent permitted by law.

Please immediately report actual or suspected violations of the House Rules or our Terms of Service by sending the offending material via private message to our support account in-app or via email to hello@faint.ly.